Our Mission: Excellent Mental Health & Happiness for Women Through Regular Social Interaction & Fabulous Fun!

What is it & What’s in it for me?

In its simplest and purest form it’s a group of women getting together to have Fun, Laugh and BE THEMSELVES for a few hours every month.

Not seen your Best Friends for so long?  Lost touch with everyone and now feel isolated?  Can’t remember the last time you Laughed so much you couldn’t catch your breath?  What about Dancing, when was it last?  Someone’s wedding?

Ever wished you could travel back to when it was all about your Mates and Saturdays were spent shopping ready for a big night out? When the best part of the night were the hours spent getting ready, who doesn’t love singing their heart out or trying on 17 different outfits?!?   These days you’re lucky if I’ve had a chance to brush your hair or even put on some lippy!

T-Club was born out of that desire.  Let’s give ourselves something that’s just for us.  For one night every month, Dress Up, Meet up & have FUN!

If this sounds like your ‘”CUPPA T” (PUN ABSOLUTELY INTENDED!) Please subscribe now so we can make this wish a reality!

Next Steps…

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Check out the EVENTS page and start planning your nights out and don’t forget to spread the word and invite friends to join in the fun!

We are always looking for YOUR IDEAS for nights or places/activities to add so get in touch with your ideas!