The Wheelie Bins Go Out More Than I D0!

Sound familiar?  Spending all your time ferrying family to their social engagements & starting to wonder, when its your turn?   I got so fed up of being Cinderella I thought, sod it, I’m going to create my reason to wear some GLASS SLIPPERS!!!

Hence T Club came to be!  Based on a need to reconnect, having a place to meet once a month to make new friends, see old friends and basically enjoy ourselves!

Those of you who joined me for Dirty Dancing and Back to Sch Disco know they were awesome nights out.  Organised solely for the purpose of giving those of us who spend all our time running around after others a chance to enjoy a much needed night off.  An excuse to get the glad rags on and dance like we used to, you know, before the partner, the kids, the dog, the house, the business… 


I’m Kelly, 40 Something, Wife, Mother of 2, Big Sister & Friend to many as well as a Dutiful daughter (well, sometimes!) & Uber Busy Business Owner!

Now, don’t misunderstand, I’m know 100% how lucky I am & I count my blessing every day that my kids are well, my business successful and my husband happy (relatively speaking!)

But like so many, somewhere in the middle of all this I got lost!   I got so good at juggling everyone else’s needs & focused all my energy on ‘getting it all done’ that I completely forgot to include time for me.   I started business coaching last year which I naively thought was all about the business.  In reality it opened to my eyes to the fact that I have been missing out on my own dreams and being the ultimate Martyr to the life I created!

I realised I miss my girlfriends, I miss laughing till it hurts or dancing away the working week, lazy dinners with too much wine and kitchen karaoke at 1am. 

The Right Girlfriends are like Pure Sunshine, everything is always so much better when the Sun Shines!

I even read an article recently that states women diagnosed with Cancer have a better survival rate if they have friends around them for support.  If that isn’t a good enough reason to start this thing, I truly don’t’ know what is!

So if any of this rings true & you would like to be part of something dedicated to fun, Sign Up now and become part of the T Club Gang!

Next Steps…

Join me at one of our Meet & Greet Events to hear more.

Get involved by subscribing, as soon as we have enough lovely ladies we can launch our first monthly club night!

Looking forward to meeting you!