Activity Suggestions!

T Club Nights from March 2020 will be held at a local hall or space big enough to accommodate Members to join in on an activity or simply relax and catch up over a glass of vino. 

Each monthly Meet Up will have a theme for us to enjoy.  You can see below some of the lovely suggestions you were kind enough to give me at last week’s Hamble Meet & Greet.   If you can comment below with your own personal preferences I can start to piece together the first 6 theme nights.

In addition to the planned monthly club nights, I am happy to arrange trips, outing and weekends for those of you who are interested.  If you see something and think, I’d love to do that! Then let me know so I can share it around and see who else might fancy it too!

The following is just a few examples, please feel free to add anything else you can think of!

Get Moving: Line Dancing, Belly Dancing, Flamenco Dancing, Jogging/Fitness Sessions, Walks and Hikes, Paddle Boarding and Sailing for Girls

Try New Things: Wine Tasting, Karaoke, Foraging and Amateur Dramatics

Craft Ideas: Silversmithing, Jewellery Making, Cookery/Baking, Cake Decorating, Drawing/Painting and Watercolour

Go:  Comedy Nights, Supper Clubs, Bowling, Theatre Trips, Spa Weekends, Festivals and Concert

Learn: A Language, Sign Language, Computer Skills, Mindfulness, Meditation, and First Aid

Have: Pamper/Spa sessions, Make Up & Beauty lessons, Spa Treats, Tarot readings, Movie Nights

Do: GOOD! Fundraising, Pay It Forward & Help in the Wider Community


Kelly x

8 thoughts on “Activity Suggestions!”

  1. Amazing suggestions. Loving them all!
    I can help with any organising as I’m pretty good at it
    I can also help with girls go sailing as I work for a yacht charter company and am a sailing instructor

  2. All sound amazing. Def up for paddle boarding, first aid (especially children’s
    as need refresh on cpr) and mindfulness. And wine tasting!!

  3. Quiz night?
    Can also highly recommend ‘let’s rock’ 80s festival on Southampton Common 4th July
    Ghost hunting (no one else has been brave enough to come with me yet! 😂)

  4. What a fantastic job you’re doing here Kelly, you’ve created a club that has the potential to change the lives of so many local women! I had a real spring in my step after the last night out 😂. I remember line dancing as a kid and it was such a giggle, all the ‘get moving’ activities interest me. Some really good ideas in general though..fundraising, jewellery making in particular take my fancy. Perhaps I should steer clear of wine tasting – wouldn’t be enough left for everyone else 😏. So looking forward to being part of this club! X

  5. I think you are doing a great job Kelly. What I think is particularly good is the opportunity this club will provide to just meet with other ladies, to chat, to laugh, to exchange and pass on news and tips and try new things together. No one wants to become alone and lonely and sad and whilst all might be good at present we all know that we will lose partners, family, spouses, friends etc along the way and coping with this is always difficult. Probably easier to make new friends now to add to existing ones rather than wait until you are in a situation where you are experiencing a lot of sadness, depression etc. By joining this very informal ‘welcome club’ it will be good for all who like to make new friends and generally meet and chat and also offer a bit of a lifeline and somewhere to go to ladies who are in need of immediate friendship and company to help them through a difficult situation. If the club can help and encourage people to share experiences, feelings and bring about feelings of general wellbeing and happiness and enable people to make more friends then what a tremendous boost to ourselves, our village community and to everyone. Thanks again, if you need help in running anything let me know and I will be happy to do whatever I can.

  6. The activity suggestions are all very interesting & sound like good fun. I would def be up for most of them. Sailing in particular sounds good as long as I’m strong enough, coz i believe it’s hard work. Maybe not so keen on the dancing activities as I’m a bit low on co-ordination. I am a very keen badminton player & would be happy to teach anyone to play along with cribbage. I don’t have the equipment though apart from my own racquet & poss a couple of spares that are pretty old. I look forward to practically any event & the sooner the better. Also i hope it’s ok to mention this here, my lovely thoughtful daughter & myself are having a coffee & cake day to raise money for the much needed Brain Tumour Research, on the official “Wear a Hat day”, Friday 27th March. If anyone is interested in helping us raise money for this cause then please come along & join us. Our door is open from 10.00 – 12.30 & 4.00 – 7.00. We hope to have a game or two to play & there is the opportunity to have a massage at a very reasonable price. If ur intetested aporoach me for more details. Thank you ladies in advance.

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