And then I was back at my desk…

So that was Monday!  A mad day spent reacquainting myself with the day to day running of the business WITHOUT the back drop of little voices declaring, ‘I’m bored’ or ‘he hit me ‘ or the constant squabble over the remote….! ABSOLUTE BLISS!!!

We had a cracking week in the New Forest, thanks to my wonderful friend Jackie.  The “bored” kids got to swim, eat ice cream, visit the beach, paddle in the sea, (in April? #mykidsarenutters) play in the arcade, eat a stupid amount of junk, visit Hurst Castle – VIA WATER TAXI, go antiquing (their choice, not mine) & eat out virtually every night.  Bored was most certainly not an option.  And somewhere, amongst all that fun, I even got some work done!

Now, anyone who’s ever tried to concentrate whilst the kids are around or like me last Tuesday afternoon, taken part in a conference call standing barefoot in a drafty lobby (post swim, wet hair, no shoes, not a good look!) will know that it’s a stressful job but if you have to, hanging out at a plush holiday village with your best mate for company is the way to do it!  Thanks Jacks, me and the ‘bored ones’ are eternally grateful.

Whilst it was an awesome week, I confess I was glad to be able to concentrate on just one thing today as thank goodness it was the Husbands turn to look after the kids.

So, answers on a postcard people… how do you keep relatively sane whilst being all things to all people and NOT resort to wine or chocolate???

When you figure it out, let me know, I’m off to work for a rest….!

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