Bang & The Christmas Is Gone…

Blimey, this one really did fly passed! Here i’m sat with the living room looking plain and under-dressed and the house is again full of STUFF. The bank balance is depleted beyond breaking point and a there is a distant whiff of January blues in the air!

Despite my best intentions we did again go overboard on the spending and now it all feels a little embarrassing as we face a LONG January! Still, I expect i’m not the only one feeling like this?!?

On a very lovely and positive note though, I have had a massive response to T Club via the Sign Up on the site plus lots of interest in the T Club Meet & Greet Nights coming up over the next few weeks. I’m really excited to meet so many new friends and start planning what I know is going to be something FABULOUS!

In the meantime though, I think i’ll skip the healthy eating and exercise and just console myself with the left over chocolate biscuits and CHEESE although perhaps not all at the same time!

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