What happens at Club?

Its a local place to meet up with a reasonably priced bar, snacks and music. Whether you have a group of friends and need somewhere to catch up or have lost touch and need to meet new people, this is the place for you!

Each month will have a theme such as SPA night, turn up in your PJ’s for face packs and bubbles! Dress to Impress for Dinner & Drinks. Enjoy a Movie & Popcorn night. Experiment with some Cocktail Making/Gin Tasting. Learn some new make-up or beauty techniques – The list is endless as the Members get to decide what they like and T Club will it make happen!

How often do you meet?

Currently its series of ad-hoc events and nights out. In the New Year we plan to launch designated club nights, held locally once a month. Sign Up Today so we can keep you up to date with upcoming events and club news.

Can anyone join?

T Club is a Club for Women Everywhere! It is especially good for those of us who could use some social interaction and lets face it, FUN in our lives! So if you’ve been missing out, too busy or just don’t know where to start, Sign Up Today so you can become a ‘Founder Member’ of T Club and help shape its future!

What does it cost?

Costs currently vary depending on the type of event or evening. We anticipate a monthly membership fee (to cover the club night) of £9.95 per Member or £12 on the night.

How do I join?

Sign Up today so we can keep you updated on all things T Club and join me at one of our Club Nights. Once we have enough lovely people on board we can start our very first monthly club night – Go on, become a Founding Member!