Happy Easter!

Its a GLORIOUS sunny morning, a day of Family & Laughter lay ahead and I’ve woken up with a nasty head cold! My body wants me to stay cocooned in our bed, snuggled deep under the duvet whilst my head is full of the things we need to get done to get the family from here to my Mum’s.  How often does that happen?  You finally get a chance of a day off or to do something you’ve been looking forward to and your body say Naaaaaa, let’s not?!? Is it because you finally Relax a teeny bit???

My FB feed just reminded me of a post from 5 years ago.  It says ‘The Happiest People don’t have the BEST of everything, they just make the BEST of everything they have’.  So, to that end…  Meds, cuppa and its up and off to the day ahead which I know will be glorious with Easter Egg hunting, lovely food, lively conversation, family card games and of course CHOCOLATE!!!

HAPPY EASTER ALL, hope you have a wonderful fun filled fabulous Chocolatey’ day!

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