Happy International Women’s Day!

Why is today a great day to hear about T Club?

Because being a Women is wonderful but it can also be lonely, tiring, overwhelming, isolating and even damn right boring!  Especially when all of your time is taken up by the needs of others or you have experienced changes in your circumstances.

T Club is all about reconnecting with other local Women.  The focus is very much on having as much Fun & Laughter as possible!  It’s an opportunity to try new things, discover lost loves such as crafting, dancing, gin tasting…  and having that thing in the diary just for you to look forward to.  As a Member you get to help shape the Club and have input on what activities and events we take part in.

While we are only just getting started, I’ve met enough wonderful women recently to know that there is a genuine desire to meet new people and feel part of a peer group all our own.  You are assured of a Warm Welcome and will leave feeling like Old Friends.

So if that sounds like you, then please visit http://t-club.org.uk/events-2/ THEN BE BRAVE, come join the FUN! 

SIGN UP on the website so we can keep you up to date with all that’s going on.  Feel free to get in touch and ask any questions you may have kelly.thorne@t-club.org.uk / 07494 538571

Happy International Women’s Day, You are Truly AMAZING!

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