Happy Saturday


Its quiet here, Joe is of surfing in Ilfracombe this weekend with the Sea Scouts, Dave is watching England kick Argentina’s backside in the Rugby World Cup and Alex is eating left over dominos and enjoying the ‘Big TV’ all to himself. Mother of the Year here!!!!

Last weekend was one of the best I’ve had in a long time, my fabulous sister’s Hen Do! Her best friends went over and beyond to make sure it was everything she had hoped and boy did they deliver! We had a house so big we had our own Games and Disco room the same size as half my house!Friday night we had a choice of 3 gorgeous curries, courtesy of my lovely Mummy (yes, she did admit it took her a staggering 7 HOURS to make, but it was truly worth it!). We then had games and shots (OMG!!!) and Dancing. Saturday was filled with pastries, pampering & cupcake decorations before getting glammed up with cocktails, glitter, tattoos, glow sticks and sashes.Off then to our own personal riverboat cruise, two hours of blasting the tunes and dancing… If that wasn’t enough, we then walked in the POURING RAIN to the delights of Henley nightlife where we pretty much had the dance floor to ourselves… Believe me, I haven’t danced that much in, well FOREVER!!!It was an epic weekend, Saturday night we got back and devoured piles of pizza and garlic bread coupled with cups of tea. I truly had the best time and more importantly so did Hannah!

Now, a week later I’m slightly sad I can’t go back and do it all again but I’m also struck by how lucky Hannah is to have so many wonderful women in her life and how not a single cross word was exchanged, how everyone came together from different parts of her life and simply had fun. I think it is more a product of their generation (Hannah will be 30 in December) that they have held on to their friendship groups. Sadly, I’m not in contact with very many from my past at all. Motherhood changed my life and became (I guess rightly) my focus so I didn’t notice or take the time to keep in touch. The reason I started this blog and have made a start on hosting events is to bring women together, to give them a reason to get dressed up and to have something that’s just for them. How many of us take the time to do things just for us, I mean that has absolutely nothing to do with kids, husbands/partners or work?

So ultimately I want to start a club, that meets once a month to do stuff you would have done when you were younger, things that make you smile, like dancing, make up, pampering, Prosecco (or vodka!) My point is this, we need to remember that we are people too and we are allowed to enjoy ourselves… Get in touch, tell me about your own experiences and whether you fancy getting together!

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